How do you play power blocks?

How do you play power blocks?

Math Games Hold the left-click while moving the block and then release it to drop the block. Move all the blocks around until they all fit exactly into the box with no spaces left. Blocks cannot overlap. When you complete the puzzle, the game will let you know by saying Victory!
Hexa Puzzle

What is the game where you fit the blocks?

DOODLE FIT presents kids with an outlined shape and a collection of blocks (reminiscent of Tetris pieces, though they are not all four squares each) to fit into the shape. With 110 levels to solve (and multiple solutions for many of the puzzles), this is a game which will keep kids busy for quite a while.

Which is the best block game?

List of Best Block Puzzle games For Android:

  • Block Puzzle.
  • Wood Block Puzzle.
  • Move the Block: Slide Puzzle.
  • Block! Hexa Puzzle.
  • Block Puzzle Jewel.
  • Slidey Block Puzzle.
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