How do you type Pinyin on a Mac?

How do you type Pinyin on a Mac?

Now that pinyinput is installed, simply open any program that allows you to type text (e.g. Notepad, or Microsoft Word), and then choose the Pinyinput IME from the language bar, which is located on the bottom right corner of the Windows task bar. You will find Pinyinput under whichever locale you installed it under.

How do you use Pinyinput?

Click the + sign to add input keyboard. Select ABC – Extended and choose Add. You’re ready to type Pinyin with tone marks! For example, to type a 1st tone tone mark, first click u2325 (option) + a.

How do you type Pinyin on a keyboard?

Pin Yin with tone marks in Windows 10

  • Open Settings.
  • Select Time Language.
  • Under Region language, click Add a language.
  • Add Chinese (Simplified) or Chinese (Traditional).
  • Click on it and select Options.
  • Under keyboards, add Microsoft Pinyin.
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