How long does it take to fully learn German?

How long does it take to fully learn German?

In short, the FSI estimated that learning German will take approximately 30 weeks (750 hours) for English speakers. This may seem like a lot of time, but it’s a fraction compared to languages like Chinese, Japanese and Arabic, which took students up to 88 weeks to learn.

Can I learn German in 3 months?

If you’re looking to be fluent in German in 3 months, you’ll want to give the Lingoda Sprint Marathon a go, because you learn the ins and outs of German grammar, get to practice speaking with native speakers, and also learn to form your own sentences.

Is German easy or hard to learn?

With plenty of straightforward rules, German is not actually as hard to learn as most people think. And since English and German stem from the same language family, you might actually be surprised at the things you pick up without even trying! And on top of it all, it’s definitely a useful one, too.

Is German hard to learn by yourself?

German is very closely related to English. They’re in the same language family called West Germanic. So, since you already know English, learning German by yourself won’t be hard at all.

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