How many syllables does school have?

How many syllables does school have?

Wondering why schools is 1 syllable? Contact Us! We’ll explain.

Is very 2 or 1 syllables?

Wondering why very is 2 syllables?

Is Student 1 or 2 syllables?

Wondering why student is 2 syllables? Contact Us!

Is it 1 or 2 syllables?

Let’s look first at the combinations with the word is: he’s, she’s, and it’s. These are all one-syllable words. Saying them as 2-syllable words is like not making the contraction at all.

How many syllables does high school have?

Wondering why high school is 2 syllables?

Is Family 2 or 3 syllables?

Family’can be three syllables, but most Americans will pronounce it as two syllables.

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