How were the plains formed?

How were the plains formed?

The rivers flow down the slopes of mountains and erode them. They carry forward the eroded material. They then deposit their load consisting of stones, sand and silt along their courses and in their valleys. It is from these deposits that plains are formed.

How are plains formed for Class 6?

Answer: Formation of Plains: Plains are usually formed by rivers and their tributaries. When a river flows down a mountain, it erodes the mountain. The river carries forward the eroded material. Then the river deposits the load in its valley.

How are plains formed short note?

Plains are vast pieces of flat land. Most of the plains are formed by erosional, transportation and depositional activities of rivers. They transport the eroded sediments (small pieces of sand, stones and silt) during their course and deposit these materials in the valleys or along their course.

How are plains formed with example?

When the lava flows across the land it forms lava plains on the surface of the earth. -Plains are also formed due to the movement of rivers. For example; The Atlantic Coastal Plain which extends along the eastern coast of North America. -There are also plains found at the bottom of the ocean known as Abyssal Plains.

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