¿Qué vs el qué?

¿Qué vs el qué?

El que is generally used when there is more distance between the antecedent and the relative pronoun, such as a comma or a one-word preposition. It can be used with the prepositions sin, por, and para instead of just plain que to help avoid confusion with sin que, porque, and para que.

¿Qué or lo que?

In Spanish lo que is used to express what, which, that which, or the thing that, in reference to some idea expressed in the same sentence.

¿Qué que difference?

Que is a form of que, a conjunction which is often translated as that. Quxe9quxe9, a pronoun which is often translated as what. Learn more about the difference between que and quxe9 below.

¿Qué vs cual in spanish?

Generally speaking, we can say that cuxe1l (which) is used to ask about the identity of a person or a thing in a group. Cuxe1l is a question about choice. The pronoun quxe9 is for questions about identity as well, but it’s used in direct questions rather than in ones that involve making a choice.

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