What are the advantages of pipe line transport?

What are the advantages of pipe line transport?

(i) Both solid (when converted into slurry) liquid and gases can be transported through pipelines. (ii) Initial cost of laying pipelines is high but subsequent runing costs are minimal. (iii) Trans-shipment of losses and delays are minimum.

What is the disadvantage of using pipeline transport?

The disadvantage of pipeline transportation are: (1) specific and strong, can only transport oil, natural gas and solid slurry (such as coal), but in the field it occupies, with a fixed and reliable market; (2) pipeline from input the magnitude of the amount of the highest traffic among small, so in the early field

What are the advantages and disadvantages of pipelines Class 10?

Merits-they are used for transporting crude oil,petroleum products and natural gas from oil and natural gas fields to refineries,fertilizer factories and big thermal plants. solids can also be transported through pipeline when converted into slurry. Demerits-it is difficult to identify the leakages

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