What happens in Act 2 Scene 1 and 2 of Tartuffe?

What happens in Act 2 Scene 1 and 2 of Tartuffe?

Orgon finds his daughter alone and asks her if she will obey him in all things. Being a dutiful daughter, she tells him it is her pleasure always to please her father. She is laughing about a joke she has heard a joke concerning Orgon’s plan to allow Tartuffe to marry Mariane.

What is the message of Tartuffe?

What is the main theme of Tartuffe? The main theme of Tartuffe is hypocrisy. Tartuffe is a pretentious person who is nothing like the devout, holy man he tries to convince everyone that he is. He is, in fact, a dishonest, hypocritical, swindler.

How did Tartuffe get caught?

Orgon is just about to leave with Valxe8re, when Tartuffe shows up, accompanied by a police officer. He tells Orgon what he already knows and, after being insulted, tells the officer to arrest Orgon. The officer arrests Tartuffe instead, telling Orgon that the King saw through Tartuffe’s scheme immediately.

What does Mariane plan to do if her father makes her marry Tartuffe?

Mariane tells Orgon he may give her money to Tartuffe if he wishes. What does she plead with her father not to give to Tartuffe? She pleads to her father to not give Tartuffe the power to marry her

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Why is Orgon so fooled by Tartuffe?

Orgon is just about to leave with Valxe8re, when Tartuffe shows up, accompanied by a police officer. He tells Orgon what he already knows and, after being insulted, tells the officer to arrest Orgon. The officer arrests Tartuffe instead, telling Orgon that the King saw through Tartuffe’s scheme immediately.

Why does Orgon attempt to slap Dorine?

Tartuffe is psychologically messing with Orgon’s mind. He confuses Orgon because Tartuffe should not be defending Damis and because he is, that makes Orgon think that Tartuffe is telling the truth and not Damis.

Who gets married in Tartuffe?

The more he tries to praise Tartuffe, the more Dorine contradicts and makes fun of him. Orgon tells Mariane that Valxe8re seems less than pious, while Tartuffe is perfectly devout. Eventually, Orgon gets so fed up that he threatens to slap Dorine

Why is Tartuffe important?

The reasons behind the play’s fame are simple: it was scandalous. By 1664, Molixe8re was already a big name in French theater. Tartuffe riled up Molixe8re’s critics even more than his previous plays. At the time, the Catholic Church was a major political power in France.

What does Tartuffe mean in literature?


Who Exposes Tartuffe?

Act III: Damis and Dorine concoct a plan to expose Tartuffe. Tartuffe tries to seduce Elmire, but she fends him off and agrees not to tell Orgon about his attempted seduction if Tartuffe promises to let Mariane marry Valere. Damis overhears everything and threatens to reveal Tartuffe’s hypocrisy.

What happens at the end of Tartuffe?

Tartuffe evicts the family, but as they begin to leave, a messenger from the king arrives. He arrests Tartuffe for his nefarious actions against Orgon. The king also invalidates the paperwork that gives Tartuffe Orgon’s home. This ending is pleasing not only for Orgon, but the audience as well.

How does Elmire try to trap Tartuffe?

After coughing loudly a number of times and still not being rescued by her husband, Elmire finally pretends to consent to the seduction, but conceives of another ruse to gain time by asking Tartuffe to see if anyone is watching. She pretends to be afraid that her husband might catch them.

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What is Tartuffe charged with?

Tartuffe was a 17th-century French criminal who pretended to be a religious devotee in order to swindle a nobleman into signing over all of his worldly possessions to him, as well as to seduce the nobleman’s wife. He was ultimately arrested after King Louis XIV of France discovered his fraud.

What does Mariane originally say she’ll do if she’s forced to marry Tartuffe?

She alludes that if the marriage is forced on her she may take some unspecified desperate course (4.3. 2).

How does Mariane respond to her father’s wish for her to marry a man she does not love?

Mariane responds that it is her father’s wish and innocently says that she does not know what to do. Valxe8re interprets this as meaning that she is not seriously opposed to the marriage and then he insultingly advises her to enter into the marriage.

What is Elmires plan to expose Tartuffe?

Elmire tells Orgon to hide and listen to her conversation with Tartuffe to expose him and when the plan works, Orgon tries to kick Tartuffe out. Since Tartuffe is now owner of the household, he orders everyone out of the house and have police arrive to arrest them.

Does Mariane marry Tartuffe?

Orgon arrives and seems much more concerned about the welfare of Tartuffe than he is about his wife’s illness. When his daughter arrives, Orgon tells her that he wants to ally Tartuffe with his house; this he can best do by Mariane’s marrying Tartuffe. Mariane is so shocked that she cannot believe her ears.

Why does Orgon trust Tartuffe more than his own family?

Tartuffe was first performed in 1664. The play is about a beggar by the name Tartuffe, and Orgon’s family, which has taken the responsibility of helping him (Moliere 3). Tartuffe is a good man, according to Orgon, and this is the reason why he decides to help him. He even trusts Tartuffe more than anyone in his family.

Why do you think organ is fooled so badly by Tartuffe?

Why do you think Orgon is fooled so badly by Tartuffe? Tartuffe took Orgon’s mother in and she also think he is perfect. In Scene 5, Cleante asks Orgon why he can’t see Tartufe’s hypocrisy. Why, do you think, some people are taken by hypocrites and others are not?

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How is Orgon conned by Tartuffe?

Orgon describes how loudly Tartuffe prays in church, how obsequious he is in performing minor tasks in the church, and what humility he has in accepting only small gifts. These descriptions make it obvious that Tartuffe is using the outward acts of religion to appear religious.

Why is Orgon so obsessed with Tartuffe?

Orgon is Moliere’s representation of how a man can be so blind in his devotion to a belief that he cannot make accurate judgment as to the sincerity of others who would use that belief to deceive him. Tartuffe easily achieves total power over Orgon’s actions because of his gullibility.

Why is Dorine angry with Orgon?

Dorine mocks Orgon when he is unable to convince Madame Pernelle that Tartuffe is a fraud. Monsieur Loyal threatens to call the police on Dorine when she makes a snide comment.

What does Dorine do in Tartuffe?

Dorine is a stock character found in many of Molixe8re’s comedies and, in fact, has become a type found in comedies of all periods. She is the wise servant who sees through all pretense, and while being the inferior, in terms of social position, she is the superior in any contest of wits.

In what ways does Tartuffe attempt to exact revenge on Oregon?

Orgon finally learns that he has been betrayed by his guest when he overhears Tartuffe trying to seduce his wife. However, when he orders Tartuffe to leave his house, Tartuffe seeks revenge by trying to seize all of Orgon’s property and to have Orgon arrested.

Why does Tartuffe offer Dorine a handkerchief upon his first entrance at the beginning of Act III?

He tells Dorine that he is determined to expose Tartuffe as a hypocritical scoundrel. Tartuffe arrives, spouting forth pious comments, and when he sees Dorine he will not look at her until she takes his handkerchief and covers her bosom with it because the flesh is weak and cannot withstand too many temptations.

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