What happens in marking period 2 of speak?

What happens in marking period 2 of speak?

In Second Marking Period, school is a grind for Melinda. At her parents’ insistence, she stays after to finish her homework, but she goes to her burrow and naps instead. In social studies, David Petrakis stands up against Mr. Neck’s racist rant about immigration.

Did Melinda get raped in the book speak?

Her parents and guidance counselor try to get her to open up about her poor academic performance, but Melinda refuses to speak to them. However, over many months of painful silence and self-harm in the form of lip- and nail-biting, Melinda finally admits to herself that Andy Evans raped her at the party last summer.

What page does the second marking period start in speak?

Speak – Second Marking Period (through page 92) Summary Analysis.

What’s the summary of speak?

Speak, published in 1999, is a young adult novel by Laurie Halse Anderson that tells the story of high school freshman Melinda Sordino. After a sexual assault ends up in her busting the end of a summer party, Melinda is ostracized by her peers because she will not say why she called the police.

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What is happening to Melinda’s grades?

Speak – Second Marking Period (through page 92) Summary Analysis.

What do Melinda’s parents make her do in the second marking period?

Melinda reports her grades to the reader; they are generally poor, except for a B in biology and an A in art. She also gives herself a B in a subject she calls Plays Nice (she will continue to make up subjects for each following report card).

How does Melinda’s attitude change during the final marking period?

Melinda’s parents are making her stay after school to get extra help from her teachers because her grades are so bad. Melinda, however, uses the time after school to tidy up and decorate her janitor’s closet with a poster of Maya Angelou.

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