What is Latin for walk?

What is Latin for walk?


What is it called when you walk?

gait. noun. the way that someone walks.

What is the Latin word for swimming?


What is the other meaning of walked?

1 step, stride, stroll, saunter, ambulate, perambulate, promenade

What is move in Latin word?

More Latin words for move. motus noun. movement, motion, moving, stir, impulse. reptant.

What does Den mean in Latin?

More Latin words for den. spelunca noun. cave, cavern, grotto. cubile noun. nest, bed, couch, lair, place of rest.

What is Helo in Latin?

salve! More Latin words for Hello!

What is dig Latin?

More Latin words for dig. fodio verb. stab, prick, prod, jab, sting. praefodio verb. dig in advance, bury in advance, dig round

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