What is the preterite form of hablar?

How do you conjugate Llorar?

Mode: Indicative.Personal PronounConjugationYolloroTullorasEl/EllalloraNosotroslloramos2 more rows

What is the preterite form of hablar?

Subject PronounPreterite TensePronunciationyohablxe9ah-BLAYtxfahablasteah-BLAH-stayxe9l, ella, ustedhablxf3ah-BLOnosotros nosotrashablamosah-BLAH-mose2 more rows

What is the preterite form of poder?

Correr is a Spanish verb meaning to run. Correr is conjugated as a regular er verb in the preterite tense. Correr appears on the 100 Most Used Spanish Preterite Tense Verbs Poster as the 9th most used regular er verb. For the present tense conjugation, go to Correr Conjugation – Present Tense.

What is the conjugation of Llorar?

Present tenseSubjunctiveyollorolloremostxfallorasllorxe9isxe9lllorallorenPretxe9ritoImperfect26 more rows

How do you conjugate Llorar in the imperfect?

Mode: Indicative.Personal PronounConjugationYollorabaTullorabasEl/EllallorabaNosotrosllorxe1bamos2 more rows

How do you conjugate Llorar in the preterite?

Mode: Indicative.Personal PronounConjugationYollorxe9TullorasteEl/Ellallorxf3Nosotroslloramos2 more rows

How do we conjugate?

To conjugate a verb, you add unique suffixes to its base verb form. The right suffix depends on the person in a sentence you refer to, who is also known as the subject of the sentence.

What is hablar in the preterite?

yohablxe9txfahablastexe9l/ellahablxf3nosotros/ashablamosvosotros/ashablasteis1 more row

What are the forms of hablar?


  • hablo.
  • hablas.
  • habla.
  • hablamos.
  • hablxe1is.
  • hablan.
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What are the forms of preterite?

PersonVerbs ending in -arVerbs ending in -er and -iryo-xe9-xedtxfa-aste-istexe9l, ella, usted-xf3-ixf3nosotros-amos-imos2 more rows

How do you write hablar in past tense?

Preterite Indicative of Hablar.Person/NumberVerb ChangeYo (I)Hablxe9Txfa (you)HablasteUsted, xe9l, ella (he, she, it)Hablxf3Nosotros (we)Hablamos2 more rowsx26bull;

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