What is the resolution in ransom of Red Chief?

What is the resolution in ransom of Red Chief?

The resolution of the story arrives when the kidnappers have to shell out money to get rid of Johnny Dorset.

What is the exposition in the story The Ransom of Red Chief?

Exposition summary : Bill and Sam are two grown uneducated men who are thinking of kidnapping a kid in order of getting a ransom of $2000 to open a fake business and choose Ebenzer Dorset’s son in the town summit .

What is the rising action of the ransom of the Red Chief?

Rising Actions Sam and Bill kidnap a little boy named Johnny for ransom.Johnny plays Indian and constantly hurts Bill. Sam and Bill write a ransom note to Johnny’s father, Ebenezer Dorset. Bill and Johnny start playing black scout.

How is the conflict in The Ransom of Red Chief resolved?

Resolution: The kidnappers pay Mr. Dorset. Conflict: Bill wants the ransom money, but wants to get rid of Red Chief. Resolution: Bills tries to let Red Chief escape.

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