What is Waiting by Ha Jin about?

What is Waiting by Ha Jin about?

Beginning in 1963 and stretching over a twenty-year period, Waiting is set against the background of a changing Chinese society. It contrasts city and country life and shows the restrictions on individual freedoms that are a routine part of life under communism. But Waiting is primarily a novel of character.

What does Lin do to help Manna impress Wei?

Chapter 6. Manna does not understand Leaves of Grass and asks Lin to help her. He writes a report on the poems, which Manna copies out in her own hand in a six-page letter and sends to Commissar Wei. In anticipation of moving to Harbin and marrying the commissar, she gets Lin to teach her how to ride a bicycle.

Does Ha Jin write in English?

Unlike his poetry, Jin has written all of his many novels and short story collections in English, including most recently A Map of Betrayal (2014) and The Boat Rocker (2016).

What does Ha Jin write about?

Ha Jin, pseudonym of Xuefei Jin, (born February 21, 1956, Jinzhou, Liaoning province, China), Chinese American writer who used plain, unadorned English prose to explore the tension between the individual and the family, the modern and the traditional, and personal feelings and duty.

What does Ha Jin mean?

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