What loses valence electrons in an ionic compound?

What loses valence electrons in an ionic compound?


Does a positive ion gain or lose valence electrons?

An atom that loses one or more valence electrons to become a positively charged ion is known as a cation, while an atom that gains electrons and becomes negatively charged is known as an anion.

When metals lose their valence electrons what type of charge do they form?

Ionic compounds are molecules that form through the gain and loss of electrons. A metal atom that loses an electron takes on a positive electric charge; a non-metal that gains an electron becomes negatively charged. Because opposite charges attract, the two atoms stick together, forming a strong, stable chemical bond.

What are elements that lose electrons and form positive ions?

Metals tend to lose electrons and form positively charged ions called cations. Non-metals tend to gain electrons and form negatively charged ions called anions.

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